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Distinctive Accommodations


The exquisite decor and bright, airy ambiance that are the hallmarks of Cliffview Terrace are found in our accommodations as well as the facilities public areas. One, two, and three-bed room units are available. We can also create customized accommodations, such as a private two or three room suite, to meet the needs of individual residents.

Residents with private rooms have the option of bringing their own furnishings from home. Those residents who share a room are encouraged to bring smaller items from home to enhance their living area. Our rooms feature elegant armoires, floral bedspreads and curtains, comfortable chairs with lovely end tables, and framed artwork on all the walls. All ameneties have been carefully chosen to create a feeling of luxury and comfort. A select number of rooms surround a serene central courtyard, which features an attractive garden area with a bubbling stream and fish pond.